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11.06. & 12.06.2010 Porzelline im Exil

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n.o.k. “Childrens Playground”

testfoto by Looking Glass The cover is based on a content www.flickr.com.

Catalog ID: OBC-NET005
Format: MP3, 320kbps
Released: 03.10.2009

[audio: http://obc-records.com/rec/2009/10/n.o.k._Childrens-Playground-Original_A1_OBC-Rec_2009_96.mp3,http://obc-records.com/rec/2009/10/n.o.k._Childrens-Playground-K.Fog-Remix_A2_OBC-Rec._2009_96.mp3,http://obc-records.com/rec/2009/10/n.o.k._Childrens-Playground-Ralf-Volkmann-Remix_B1_OBC-Rec_2009_96.mp3,http://obc-records.com/rec/2009/10/n.o.k._Childrens-Playground-O.S.R-Remix_B2_OBC-Rec_2009_96.mp3|titles=Childrens Playground (Original),Childrens Playground (K.Fog Remix),Childrens Playground (Ralf Volkmann Remix),Childrens Playground (O.S.R Remix)|artists=n.o.k.,n.o.k.,n.o.k.,n.o.k.]

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13.09.2009 Sonntag ist Feiertag! #2 @ Porzelline

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24.07. – 26.07.2009 Sunflower Festival Freiberg

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Yu-Kay “Sometimes on my mind!”


The first release on the netlabel of OBC-rec is produced by Yu-Kay from Hesse. Who keeps an eye on the Saxon technoscene knows him as an act of “Alter Bahnhof Halsbrücke”, the “Porzelline” in Freiberg or the “Distillery” Leipzig. Already in the age of 16 he – btw a native of Freiberg – released his first tracks on the OBC-CD 02, a CD composed for the biannial existance of the “Alter Bahnhof”. Meanwhile Yu-Kays sound can be classified somewhere between techno based on basses an rolling breakbeats. Furthermore are remixes of the original of “Sometimes on my mind” available, produced by netlabeloperator Ta-Lar and OBC-heads OSR and Ralf Volkmann.

Catalog ID: OBC-NET001
Format: MP3, 320kbps
Released: 01.04.2009

[audio:http://obc.porzelline.com/rec/2009/04/yu-kay_sometimes-on-my-mind_obc-rec_2009_96.mp3,http://obc.porzelline.com/rec/2009/04/yu-kay_sometimes-on-my-mind-osr-remix_obc-rec_2009_96.mp3,http://obc.porzelline.com/rec/2009/04/yu-kay_sometimes-on-my-mind-sometimes-on-ta-lars-mind_obc-rec_2009_96.mp3,http://obc.porzelline.com/rec/2009/04/yu-kay_sometimes-on-my-mind-ralf-volkmann-edit_obc-rec_2009_96.mp3|titles=Sometimes on my mind!,Sometimes on my mind! (OSR Remix),Sometimes on my mind! (Sometimes on Ta-Lar's Mind),Sometimes on my mind! (Ralf Volkmann Edit)|artists=Yu-Kay,Yu-Kay,Yu-Kay,Yu-Kay]

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