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Youtube – TheLugiPop

Today I found on Youtube: An interesting video artists TheLugiPop. He accompanied two videos with tracks of the label or he made the videos for our tracks? The first track is by O.S.R “Sleeples in London” from the same release. The second track is from the release “Childrens Playground” by n.o.k.

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n.o.k. “Childrens Playground”

testfoto by Looking Glass The cover is based on a content www.flickr.com.

Catalog ID: OBC-NET005
Format: MP3, 320kbps
Released: 03.10.2009

[audio: http://obc-records.com/rec/2009/10/n.o.k._Childrens-Playground-Original_A1_OBC-Rec_2009_96.mp3,http://obc-records.com/rec/2009/10/n.o.k._Childrens-Playground-K.Fog-Remix_A2_OBC-Rec._2009_96.mp3,http://obc-records.com/rec/2009/10/n.o.k._Childrens-Playground-Ralf-Volkmann-Remix_B1_OBC-Rec_2009_96.mp3,http://obc-records.com/rec/2009/10/n.o.k._Childrens-Playground-O.S.R-Remix_B2_OBC-Rec_2009_96.mp3|titles=Childrens Playground (Original),Childrens Playground (K.Fog Remix),Childrens Playground (Ralf Volkmann Remix),Childrens Playground (O.S.R Remix)|artists=n.o.k.,n.o.k.,n.o.k.,n.o.k.]

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23.08.2009 Sonntag ist Feiertag! #1 @ Porzelline

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