Ricardo Miguel Fernandez “The Freak come out”


The first release in our slightly extended break comes from Ricardo Miguel Fernandez including a Celebration Pigs 3.0 remix. Since the summer approaching, it is again a few Housesoundz.

Catalog ID: OBC-NET010
Format: MP3, 320kbps
Released: 01.03.2011

[audio:http://obc-records.com/rec/2011/03/Ricardo-Miguel-Fernandez_Sax-on-the-Beach_A1_OBC-Records_2011_96.mp3,http://obc-records.com/rec/2011/03/Ricardo-Miguel-Fernandez_Sax-on-the-Beach-Celebration-Pigs-3.0-Remix_B1_OBC-Records_2011_96.mp3,http://obc-records.com/rec/2011/03/Ricardo-Miguel-Fernandez_Open-your-Eye_B2_OBC-Records_2011_96.mp3,|titles=Sax on the Beach,Sax on the Beach (Celebration Pigs 3.0),Open your Eye|artists=Ricardo Miguel Fernandez,Ricardo Miguel Fernandez,Ricardo Miguel Fernandez]

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