Ta-Lar “Das Bratzeln in der Box E.P.”

Back007Front007Following the publication of 12″ in June 2003, there is now the Digital “Das Bratzeln in der Box E.P.” for free download. For lovers of vinyl, there are still remnants at DISCOGS to acquire.

Catalog ID: OBC-NET007
Format: MP3, 320kbps
Released: 26.12.2009
[audio: http://obc-records.com/rec/2009/12/Ta-Lar_Bratzeln-in-der-Box_A1_OBC-Rec_2009_96.mp3,http://obc-records.com/rec/2009/12/Ta-Lar_Neverstop-the-Train_A2_OBC-Rec_2009_96.mp3,http://obc-records.com/rec/2009/12/Ta-Lar_Pychodelic-Overdrive_B1_OBC-Rec_2009_96.mp3,http://obc-records.com/rec/2009/12/Ta-Lar_Der-kleine-Trommler_B2_OBC-Rec_2009_96.mp3|titles=Das Bratzeln in der Box,Never Stop The Train,Pychodelic Overdrive,Der Kleine Trommler|artists=Ta-Lar,Ta-Lar,Ta-Lar,Ta-Lar]

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