Clemens Acidus “Last Decade”

Net-014foto by Claudius Prößer The cover below is based on a content www.flickr.com

The sound selection has always been a long and accurately planned process by Clemens Acidus. A long time has passed and the 2003 vintage should be a good one! Stored, newly bottled and twisted with love turned the grape into the accomplished product that we are proud to present today. A mix of the following 9 years – mild, sour and saw tooth-like in taste, round and lovely at the end. This had to be a special decade after the harvest in 2003! Let the beat electrify you, open up a bottle of such good wine and enjoy the sound of the past 10 years of great music production.

Catalog ID: OBC-NET014
Format: MP3, 320kbps
Released: 01.05.2013

Clemens Acidus “Last Decade” gives also a selfmade CD. For OBC-CD003 click here.


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