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n.o.k.n.o.k. the story of a boy who started traveling in a world of musical ups and downs looking for his place. Grown up in the 90s he collected up to now all the sounds which tumbled from the local radio speakers. He punched through the wild vibes of Hip Hop, was clasped by lianas of the reggae, surfed easy on the wave of Euro Dance and found with the start of 2000 the final of his musical journey behind turntables. He transformed his enthusiasm for music in a deep knocking need, in his heart blood.
On his adventureous trail he was early inspired by radio & tv formates like HR3, Clubnight, 2Step, Fritz Nightflight and his sensability for electronical music was kissed alive like the Sleeping Beauty by her prince. When he a few months later on a party in the Görlitzer club Nostromo get his first disc as a gift from House/Electronic DJ Jazzman our traveller was infected.
Since then he enriches the turntables of these clubs with Deephouse, House, Dub and Techno, from time to time he let stream self produced tracks out in the unknown live and provides dancing friky mythical creatures with his impulsive sound.
And when he is not rocking on the dancefloor on his own, he put on records with his intoxicating tunes today and takes us with him on his journey through electronical soundscapes.

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2009 - n.o.k. “Childrens Playground”