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KFogk.fog is an artist and music procucer of the older guards. First touches with electronic music he experienced trough his father at the end of the 80s with groups like Tangerine Dream or Mike Oldfield. Also the raver-time in the 90s does not went by without traces at the in 1982 born Chemnitzer boy. The programs “high energy” or “Stunde Null” of the Saxon Radio Energy, presented by DJ Raik E and Milk were a personal surety in the style raising of Falko. Every saturday they get taped and then in the following week played up and down in the walkman. Through the always proceeding technical development and through more efficient computers at the end of 1998 Falko had firstly the possibility to produce music on his own. In fact there were already before interesting programs like Magix Music Maker or Dance Ejay but they were to childish and as he was still a pupil he has not the necessary money for the right hardware. Rebirth 1.0 of the Swedish company Propellerheads was for him the first playground on which he technoidly could let of steam. At the end of the 90s party courses in clubs like Lait Solaire or Brixen became more and more to the weekly balance ritual. After 1999 the club Achtermai in Chemnitz catched the light of stroboscopes and was physical location for friends of the electronic music in the Saxon area. No other club formed him and his music as this popular and in the world best known club. There he found friends, girl-friend and his passion to the Detroit Techno. Also his first contacts in music production were connected in this club. In the years 2001 till 2005 the artist k.fog developed so far that in 2005 he came in touch with the music business with his first online release on the Netlabel uran 97 from Brandenburg. After that followed further net releases and some publications on vinyl for example with Mike Dearborn on Tekkxp. Besides spinning records was this an important string-point. Today k.fog stands for a good selection of music and for his well-minded Techno. He is dreaming of a reincarnation of the Techno feeling as it was in the 90s.

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