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KFogk.fog is an artist and music procucer of the older guards. First touches with electronic music he experienced trough his father at the end of the 80s with groups like Tangerine Dream or Mike Oldfield. Also the raver-time in the 90s does not went by without traces at the in 1982 born Chemnitzer boy. The programs “high energy” or “Stunde Null” of the Saxon Radio Energy, presented by DJ Raik E and Milk were a personal surety in the style raising of Falko. Every saturday they get taped and then in the following week played up and down in the walkman. Through the always proceeding technical development and through more efficient computers at the end of 1998 Falko had firstly the possibility to produce music on his own. In fact there were already before interesting programs like Magix Music Maker or Dance Ejay but they were to childish and as he was still a pupil he has not the necessary money for the right hardware. Rebirth 1.0 of the Swedish company Propellerheads was for him the first playground on which he technoidly could let of steam. At the end of the 90s party courses in clubs like Lait Solaire or Brixen became more and more to the weekly balance ritual. After 1999 the club Achtermai in Chemnitz catched the light of stroboscopes and was physical location for friends of the electronic music in the Saxon area. No other club formed him and his music as this popular and in the world best known club. There he found friends, girl-friend and his passion to the Detroit Techno. Also his first contacts in music production were connected in this club. In the years 2001 till 2005 the artist k.fog developed so far that in 2005 he came in touch with the music business with his first online release on the Netlabel uran 97 from Brandenburg. After that followed further net releases and some publications on vinyl for example with Mike Dearborn on Tekkxp. Besides spinning records was this an important string-point. Today k.fog stands for a good selection of music and for his well-minded Techno. He is dreaming of a reincarnation of the Techno feeling as it was in the 90s.

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n.o.k.n.o.k. the story of a boy who started traveling in a world of musical ups and downs looking for his place. Grown up in the 90s he collected up to now all the sounds which tumbled from the local radio speakers. He punched through the wild vibes of Hip Hop, was clasped by lianas of the reggae, surfed easy on the wave of Euro Dance and found with the start of 2000 the final of his musical journey behind turntables. He transformed his enthusiasm for music in a deep knocking need, in his heart blood.
On his adventureous trail he was early inspired by radio & tv formates like HR3, Clubnight, 2Step, Fritz Nightflight and his sensability for electronical music was kissed alive like the Sleeping Beauty by her prince. When he a few months later on a party in the Görlitzer club Nostromo get his first disc as a gift from House/Electronic DJ Jazzman our traveller was infected.
Since then he enriches the turntables of these clubs with Deephouse, House, Dub and Techno, from time to time he let stream self produced tracks out in the unknown live and provides dancing friky mythical creatures with his impulsive sound.
And when he is not rocking on the dancefloor on his own, he put on records with his intoxicating tunes today and takes us with him on his journey through electronical soundscapes.

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nokI was born in Leipzig where I in the age of 13 years I developed my taste for mixing.
By this time there were pretty fat and illegal parties in old factories. Here I found finally the sound which me really suits -> Acid. With the age of 16 I moved from Leipzig to Nuremberg. As I had no time anymore for the parties I spent every free minute behind the turntables. Approximately one year later it drived me back again to Leipzig. Here I put on records for the first time in a club named Band X. In 1999 I moved to Meerane and met Johannes (Johann.ES). Johannes loved my style and the project Krüger and Teichmann was born. Shortly after that we rocked togehter as warm up in the Gießerstraße Leipzig. In the soundfactory in Grimmitschau I met Steven. From the beginning we understood each other and he invited us to the Club Cafe.
At this time I was looking for a crew with which you can trip something up and yet I was in the Sound Research. As Krüger and Teichmann I put on records together with Johannes on several parties, also in Velvet and Achtenmai. By the feedback I noticed for the first time that my style came on good. Especially in Achtenmai cooked the Acidfloor. With the Sound Research I found a crew with which you can trip something up. In Steven and the Missi (Miss Nature) I found friends with came along without having doubts in this whole matter. Our efforts were successfully. Kanonenhaus, BPM, Space Odyssey, Achtermai. The name Klangforschung became more popular. As some Klangforscher did not like our sound anymore Steve, Missi, Johann.ES and I separated from the crew and found the Klang-Syndikat. Since we bring our own a bit headstrong style to the east club culture. 2003 Steve and me organized our own first Klang-Syndikat-party which was a big success on which we will connect.

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Steve Haze

steve_hazeThe pleasure of electronic music experienced Steve Haze the first time as he by accident wrongly adjusted audio data of his receiver. Listening at the ether he catched the novel sounds with big interest. At this stage he was sure “that is my music”. At first Steve collected only tapes and read journals, as for example Frontpage to learn more about the backgrounds of this music. In summer 1994 he afforded to buy his first DJ set with which he tried out mixing protected in his homely four walls.

Already one year later he was standing behind turntables and before an inspired audience. These first acts were the foundations for his first own party projects like Liberation and Tonforschung. With the from there raised crew Klang-Syndikat Steve Haze toured through whole Germany. Steve applies to pure music, what he makes already clear with his live act project “Devils on High Levels”. The first vinyl publication followed 2005.

Nevertheless this was not all what the DJ and producer wanted to show.

ppmAt the beginning 2007 he founded PurePureMusic. This project is standing for free music. Here different styles together are coming together – minimal Techno, House, Drum’n’Bass und Techno. Simply moving masses with fun!!!!

The year 2008 stands for many successes the label PurePureMusic published 2 releases with international artists, Steve Haze started with an own PurePureMusic radio show on ShoutedFM and many ideas arose which waited for realization in the project PurePureMusic and his extraordinary crew.


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Clemens Acidus

clemens1Not to put in a drawer! Clemens Acidus is following consequently his musical roots, which go back to the electronic substances from Depeche Mode and Anne Clark. This in mind he develops his music through new components, ideas and influences. His own productions can neither put in a drawer nor in a common genre. Whether old school or futuristic sound texture everything finds a place in his arrangements. Sound experiments with hard- and software range from danceable, hard industrial-technoid sounds to playful electro- and ambientracks. With his club-suitable live and Djsets you can regularly listen to his sounds on parties in Saxony, Brandenburg and Berlin.