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O.S.R present Jacky D. “LichtMonster”

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No heater, less light and mold are not the best conditions for mastering and producing. We moved and from now on we´ve got a warm, bright studio and requirement for slippers. 😉

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O.S.R “Alte Zeiten”

NET-006foto by kamagurka The cover is based on a content www.flickr.com.

Old times are for the past and simultaneously for the future. The current development in the commercial music scene has O.S.R to present and get it to the public, his unreleased tracks from 1997. In Saxony, the radio and media landscape is sold and does not reflect the musical tastes of the majority. It should also provide alternative for interested music lovers in 2009 in our media landscape.

Catalog ID: OBC-NET006
Format: MP3, 320kbps
Released: 01.12.2009
[audio: http://obc-records.com/rec/2009/12/O.S.R_The Marching_A1_OBC-Rec_2009_96.mp3,http://obc-records.com/rec/2009/12/O.S.R_Die-Anstalt_B1_OBC-Rec_2009_96.mp3,http://obc-records.com/rec/2009/12/O.S.R_Pulsschlag_B2_OBC-Rec_2009_96.mp3|titles=The Marching,Die Anstalt,Pulsschlag,|artists=O.S.R,O.S.R,O.S.R]

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O.S.R “Sleepless in London EP”

NET-004foto by enlatado.net The cover is based on a content www.flickr.com.

“Sleepless in London” – we stroll through the town. Big Ben is ringing the bells – 2 o´clock. The sound of bells slowly get through the close grey fog to our ears. Morosely statures in the form of deep basses cross our way and lure us into gloomy corners. Like melodies big raindrops are falling down on the black plaster the moon is reflecting in.

O.S.R. is taking us on a journey through the mysterious nightly London. Affectionately knitted basslines and mysterious melodies go along with us on our way along the Themse lying under fog. “Sleepless in London” – scaring and peaceful at the same time. What may lurk behind the next corner?

Catalog ID: OBC-NET004
Format: MP3, 320kbps
Released: 04.07.2009

[audio: http://obc-records.com/rec/2009/07/O.S.R_Sleepless-in-London_A1_OBC-Rec_2009_96.mp3,http://obc-records.com/rec/2009/07/O.S.R_Sleepless-in-London-Porzelline-Remix_A2_OBC-Rec_2009_96.mp3, http://obc-records.com/rec/2009/07/O.S.R_introvinös_B1_OBC-Rec_2009_96.mp3, http://obc-records.com/rec/2009/07/O.S.R_drops_B2_OBC-Rec_2009_96.mp3|titles=Sleppless in London,Sleppless in London (Porzelline Remix),introvinös,drops|artists=O.S.R,O.S.R,O.S.R,O.S.R] Read the rest of this entry »

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Ta-Lar “Back in 1999 EP”


Back in 1999. Back in the time of our former heroes. Back in the time inspiring and forming us. Our comprehension and way of acting is based on this experiences. The year 1999 as an intermediate step, start, end and mark of the musical history of Ta-Lar. The EP is a retrospect and preview at the same time as a homage to this exciting period of time. Technoid, spurring, rough, without claiming perfection, which robs the spirit of actual digital productions.

Catalog ID: OBC-NET003
Format: MP3, 320kbps
Released: 01.06.2009

[audio: http://obc-records.com/rec/2009/06/ta-lar_the-cellar-a1_obc-rec_2009_96.mp3, http://obc-records.com/rec/2009/06/ta-lar_untitled-a2_obc-rec_2009_96.mp3, http://obc-records.com/rec/2009/06/ta-lar_inspired-by-carl-dirty-piano-mix-b1_obc-rec_2009_96.mp3, http://obc-records.com/rec/2009/06/ta-lar_untitled-b2_obc-rec_2009_96.mp3|titles=The Cellar,Untitled A2,Inspired by Carl (Dirty Piano Mix),Untitled B2|artists=Ta-Lar,Ta-Lar,Ta-Lar,Ta-Lar]
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