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18.04.2009 OBC @ Porzelline

18.04.2009 – OBC Party @ Porzelline

Berlin Calling? Nono, because we prefer the times. Nevertheless, given the OBC at 18.04. return visit from the capital: Tresor Headquarter DJ Marcel Heese and dissonanzstudien bloggers STYPE discs in the techno Freiberger Porzelline the floor with their straight sound. Next to the House floor is with Zooma Resident D. Sugar from Leipzig and Schliebs Moritz (the new star in the sky Saxon House) contemplative to the point, but at the Groove Berliners nachzustehen. As support in each compartment, which, by the spring of troubled feelings, OBC Residents. In this sense: It’s springtime baby!

Marcel Heese (Tresor Headquarters, Berlin)
stype (Dissonanzstudien.de, Berlin)
Ta-Lar (Porzelline, OBC-Rec.)
O.S.R. (Porzelline, OBC-Rec.)

Sugar D. (Delight Beats, Club Zooma Plauen, Leipzig)
Moritz Schlieb (USC, Radeberg/München)
Ralf Volkmann aka Houzi (OBC, Porzelline)
Mario Barcacion (OBC, Porzelline)

22 clock
Porzelline Freiberg

stype (blog)