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(Deutsch) osr

(Deutsch) osr

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osrSome of you know me, some do not.
I was born in 1978 an music is my life. My career has it´s start in 1996. After a visit at Didi I rent me an “Amiga 500” and started to string samples together in an incoherent way. After a short time I realised, that my oppurtunities with the “Amiga” are limited. Thereupon I got “Cubase”, a midi-sequencer, from Didi. Henceforward I gave free rein to my creativity. Later I expanded my technical equipment by a few hardwaresynthesizer (AN-1X, Microkorg, XP-10, etc.) and innumerable softwaresyntheziser.
I have my main focus of attention on the electronic music, but I never was able to decide for a specific or favourite style of music.
Simultaneous with my first visits at the “Alter Bahnhof Halsbrücke” I started to play records as a DJ as from 2002.

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